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Your Favorite Team is Playing in Denver

Only 10 cities in the US have all five professional sports teams, and Denver is one of them. With all of the stadiums in a central location, Denver is the perfect place to catch a baseball, football, basketball, hockey or soccer game.

Coors Field in Denver, Colorado


The Colorado Rockies play at Coors Field, which is just two blocks down from Union Station in downtown Denver. The field sits at the highest elevation in the MLB, and because of that altitude, balls fly farther and players hit more home runs. Along with that, Coors Field has a Blue Moon microbrewery and restaurant inside of it. Hang out, have a beer and catch a ball when the Cardinals, Royals or Cubs are playing.

Mile High Stadium in Denver, Colorado


Mile High Stadium is home to the Denver Broncos, located right along Interstate 25 with its own light rail station. The Colorado altitude affects the balls there too, as three of the four longest field goals in NFL history have been kicked in that stadium.  Rumor has it that a KC jersey belonging to former Chief and Bronco, Neil Smith, is buried under the 50-yard line. The stadium has sold out every football game since 2001, so if you’re planning on going to see the Chiefs or the Bears play, you better get your tickets quick.

Pepsi Center in Denver, Colorado. Crowd cheers as basketball player dunks.


The Denver Nuggets play at Pepsi Center, right next to Speer Boulevard in downtown Denver.  The team and center are both owned by Kroenke Sports & Entertainment, the business of Columbia local, Stan Kroenke. Go out and catch a game when the Bulls are playing.

Pepsi Center in Denver, Colorado. Hockey players on the ice.


The Pepsi Center is also home to the Colorado Avalanche, another team owned by Kroenke.  Grab tickets to enjoy a good hockey game, and see the Blues and the Blackhawks take on the Avalanche.

Dick's Sporting Goods Park with rainbow


The Colorado Rapids play their games at Dick’s Sporting Goods Park, about 30 minutes outside of Denver in Commerce City, CO.  The team and park are also owned by Kroenke, who has a lot of holdings in the Denver area. Don’t miss Sporting KC play.