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Drone Regulations and Dangers Around Airports

Drone in flight against blue sky

At Columbia Regional Airport, safety is the number one priority.

Over the past several years, the availability and use of drones, or Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) has risen dramatically. While there are many viable commercial and hobby uses for drones, they can and do pose immediate dangers for private and commercial aircraft.

Drones (UAS) are illegal to fly within five miles of an airport in the United States. At Columbia Regional Airport, that five mile radius may be larger than you think. Use opens in a new windowNo Fly Zones for Drones to determine where airport “no fly” zones are located.

If you own a drone for hobby or commercial purposes, please ensure you are familiar with the rules and regulations which currently cover drone use. And know that the FAA is constantly updating the rules to ensure safety and privacy are adequately protected.

The following sites can assist you in understanding the current rules.

opens in a new windowFederal Aviation Administration – Use of Drones (UAS)

opens in a new windowKnow Before You Fly

opens in a new windowDrone No Fly Zones