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Columbia Regional Airport Public Safety Department

Airport Public Safety Department


COU-Shoulder-Patch-Airport-Public-Safety---Transparent-Backgroundopens IMAGE file The Columbia Regional Airport Public Safety Department is a unique and dynamic team, equipped and trained to wear many hats at COU.  Not only do our highly trained and experienced Safety Officers patrol the Airport Grounds as Commissioned Police Officers and Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting personnel, but they also oversee Airport Operations.

Commissioned through the City of Columbia and overseen by CPD, The COU Public Safety Department patrols twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.  COU is served by nine POST Certified Police Officers who work side-by-side with local, state, and federal security and law enforcement entities to provide safety and security to every patron and passenger.

The Safety Department also provides Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting (ARFF) services for COU.  Our team’s training, experience, and on-site fire apparatus ensures rescue and fire suppression is always prepared for an emergency.  Our specialized brand of Rescue Fire Fighting also includes Emergency Medical response.

In addition to these services, COU’s Public Safety Department also serves as Airport Operations.  Airport Operations includes several essential duties.  Safety Officers work diligently to make sure COU’s runways, taxiways, commuter ramp, and surrounding property meet all safety regulations and guidelines as established by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).  These duties include but are not limited to general runway inspections, winter operation inspections (runway friction tests, in times of inclement winter weather), and wildlife safety inspections.

No matter what hat COU’s Public Safety Officers are wearing, their ultimate goal is to ensure the safety of The Columbia Regional Airport’s customers, employees, and tenants. As a division of The City of Columbia’s Public Works Department, our team’s ultimate goal of customer service is paramount to the success of the airport.