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The City of Columbia, in conjunction with the 2009 Airport Master Plan, has commissioned a Terminal Area Master Plan (T.A.M.P.) to assist in determining current and future terminal needs at Columbia Regional Airport (COU).

On March 2, 2015 the Columbia City Council approved council bill B45-15, a contract with Parsons Brinkerhoff to develop a T.A.M.P., Stormwater Master Plan and Airport Layout Plan (ALP) update.

The bill authorized the City Manager to execute a State Aviation Trust Fund Project Consultant Agreement with Parsons Brinckerhoff, Inc., and appropriate MoDOT Aviation grant funds, to conduct a Terminal Area Master Plan, a Stormwater Master Plan and an Airport Layout Plan Update for the Columbia Regional Airport, for a not to exceed cost of $866,435.98. MoDOT Aviation will reimburse the City for 90% of this cost or $779,792.38

During a the February 15, 2016 Columbia City Council Work Session, Parsons Brinkerhoff provided a status update on the report titled, “Terminal Area Master Plan City Council Briefing “.

Terminal Area Master Plan Interested Parties Meeting on March 22 at the ARC.

Terminal Area Master Plan Interested Parties Meeting on March 22 at the ARC.


The report has also been presented to the Airport Advisory Board, the Citizens Advisory Committee and the Technical Advisory Committee. An informal open house meeting, open to all interested parties, was held at the Activity and Recreation Center (ARC) from 5 to 7 p.m. on Tuesday, March 22.

Following these meetings, Parsons Brinkerhoff will evaluate comments received from the meetings based on the shortlist concepts and work to identify a preferred alternative.





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On May 2, 2016 Parson’s Brinkerhoff presented the City Council with the Columbia Regional Airport Terminal Master Plan update; and recommended Alternative 2.  The final report from the consultant is expected to be released in the summer 2016.





Update – December 13, 2017

Two and one-half years ago, the City began the process of updating the Airport Layout Plan (ALP) and completing a Terminal Area Master Plan (TAMP). In 2016, Parsons-Brinckerhoff (WSP) presented six (6) possible locations for the new terminal to the City Council. The report provided direction to council to proceed on evaluation of “Preferred Site 2”, located north and west of the current runway 13-31. The consultant also consider two (2) additional sites, the current terminal and a space just south of the current terminal. The consultant completed the analysis and submitted the report to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for review and comment this fall.

The FAA accepted the consultants report and the Airport Layout Plan has been conditionally approved by the FAA. The report and FAA conclusion is that passenger traffic is growing at a pace already exceeding the current terminal capacity and that the City of Columbia must move swiftly towards the construction of a new terminal.

Throughout the public process, discussions with residents, community leaders and regional partners, the following key priorities were evident: Timing, Cost, Sustainable Practices, Safety and Security and Future Expansion. Numerous meetings with the FAA, MoDOT Aviation, Airport Tenants and local partners have been held to best determine how we best meet the key priorities.

After very careful consideration of the key priorities, council will be asked to support a resolution on the December 18 agenda selecting the site just south of the current terminal to construct a new passenger terminal.

 Columbia Regional Airport Terminal - Locator MapUsing the site to the south of the terminal allows us to move faster through the design and construction process, utilize the existing tarmac, ramps and taxiways and improve safety and security by separating general aviation from commercial aviation. It is also expected that the overall project cost can be reduced by $8-10 million dollars. 

Many will ask, what’s next or when will we see work begin? First steps.. To determine if there is council support of the site. If so, we will begin due diligence in partnership with the FAA, MoDOT Aviation and others to ensure proper procedures and regulations are followed. These will include a CATX, (an abbreviated environmental site survey), Supplemental ALP, conceptual design or design build options and demolition and relocation of ancillary structures. Once we begin the due diligence process, a project timeline will emerge and be shared with the stakeholders. No set dates at this time. Throughout the process there will be many opportunities for public input. And that input is invaluable..we hope the stakeholders stay actively involved in the project.


Update – December 18, 2017

The Columbia City Council discussed Resolution R186-17 at the regularly scheduled council meeting on December 18. Council approved unanimously the resolution and instructed staff to proceed with the “expedited”  terminal location, just to the south of the current terminal. Staff will begin this work, which includes submitting a revised Airport Layout Plan (ALP) to the FAA and working to complete an abbreviated environmental survey. A timeline of “whats next” will be developed and shared in the first quarter of 2018. Your continued support of Columbia Regional Airport is what make this project viable and exciting for our community and the mid-Missouri area. 

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