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Route H Relocation

Route H is being relocated. The following is a schedule for these changes. Maps of the changes are available below.

Due to winter weather, phase 4 of the project has been suspended until the temperature rises. North Rangeline will be reopened on Nov. 14, weather permitting. 

Phase 1 – All existing facilities remain open. The one lane flagger operation for the South Rangeline Road connection is scheduled for 10/22/19 – 10/23/19.

Phase 2 – Closure of the North Rangeline Road Connection. 10/22/19 – 11/7/19.

Phase 3 – Closure of the North Rangeline Road Connection. One lane flagger operation at North Rangeline and Starr Road. 11/15/19 – 11/18/19

Phase 4 – Closure of Existing Route H east of Airport Rd. 11/7/19 – 12/7/19  (temporarily suspended)